Monday, July 19, 2010

Yarny Yarn Yarn

I am in a swap called HLBOE on Ravelry.  This week's assignment was Potions which we dyed yarn.  I blogged previous about my dyeing excursions with food coloring and tie-dye kits.  The skein of yarn I choose to dye for the assignment is merino, bamboo and nylon sock yarn.  I went ahead and purchased some animal based yarns to use the materials that I have already purchased. 

The dye colors were royal blue, orange and yellow (kool-aid).  I might have added some purple kool-aid too.  Of course blue and orange are oposites of the color wheel.  They compliment each other but when you mix them together it mutes the colors.  Certain shades of blue and oranges make lovely browns.

I can see the appeal to dyeing wool, it is quick and easy.  It was almost instantaneous. I was not even finished squirting dye on it and it was set.  However, I had to be careful not to felt it.  Cotton, you can scrub it, squish it, swirl it, etc. and it stays the same!


dye mix


lots of blue and orange added

heat up

close up
Final product to come soon.


Pren said...

ooohhhhh! pretty!!!

Pandora said...

Thanks! It is less green in real life.

Kavelizard said...

looooovvvveee the colors! Those are great. I can't wait to see it when you knit it up!

Pandora said...

I am thinking maybe trying some kind of Harry Potter theme socks!