Monday, July 19, 2010

Yarn Dyeing, Take 2

I misread the Potions assignment SO here is a second one.


Rung out

Dye soak

Steam- ready

Heat up

Cool down

After rinse

Close up

Wondering how I got the twist?  This is 77% Bamboo (plant fiber) and 23% Super Wash Merino dyed with red kool-aide.  Cool, huh?

OH, I just realized today I have been spelling Dyeing incorrectly....GAH!

Pandora Phelps- Slytherin


Anonymous said...

I love the potions assignment! That twist is so pretty - love the color!

Pandora said...

Thanks! I did a blue tinted skein on Saturday. I plan to buy more of this yarn from Claire. I wanted to use this skein to dye with plant dye, but it didn't work out. So, there is always more yarn!

Maria said...

that is SO cool! I LOVE that the bamboo fiber didn't dye but the merino did, SO COOL!

Did I say it was cool yet, because it really is cool! :)

Pandora said...

Haha! Thanks, Maria! I have some plans for even more cool yarn! i will make sure to post it in the Great Hall.