Blythe Knits Shop

Did you know that I have an Etsy shop?  It is called Blythe Knits. 

In my shop, I offer knitting patterns of my own design for all 3 sizes of Blythe- Neo, Middie, and Petite.  Etsy has started offering a wonderful service of instant PDF downloads! It is great for the buyer AND the seller.  The buyer does not have to wait on the seller's response and the seller is assured that the buyer has the pattern in hand or access to it!  It is a win-win!

All of my patterns have been updated to instant downloads!

As of late my interest has been in vintage Skipper doll clothing and I have acquired many pieces that are duplicates or the style was not right for my girls.  I am now passing them on to new homes!

I also sew up items for Blythe.  I hope to restock my store a little through out the next several months.  Spring fever and nice weather has prevented my consistent sewing.

Go take a peek!

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