Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I dread tomorrow.  R is having major dental surgery.  Poor kid has inherited bad teeth.  I feel very sad that she is going to have a mouth full of silver teeth.  :(

This weekend is supposed to be a soccer tournament.  I am unsure if R is going to play.  I have no idea how she is going to feel after tomorrow.  I am expecting to stay home with her on Thursday.

Tonight we are eating pizza and staying up really late (but no food or water past 12 am).  Hopefully, she will sleep until just before we leave for the hospital.

Speaking about soccer-
Last weekend's soccer game went extremely well. R got into the fray and kicked the ball.  She did some fancy footwork even. I am pretty impressed with her progress.

One week our coaches (who are college girl soccer players) were traveling for their own games and the practice coach was a college boy soccer player.  He did an amazing job with drills and such.  The kids really listened to him.  Majority of the kids on the team cannot seem to listen to the girls.

Well, ho hum.  That is all I can dredge up today.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jane Austen Knits

I have a confession- I have never read Jane Austen.  First time I tried I was in 8th or 9th grade with Emma.  I keep attempting every so often.  My most recent attempt has been Sense and Sensibility.  I read contemporary books about Jane Austen and her writings, like The Jane Austen Book Club and currently, Definitely Not Mr. Darcy.

I enjoyed The Jane Austen Book Club; however, I am not so thrilled with Definitely Not Mr. Darcy.  I love the Jane Austen movies.

Wondering where this confession is going?

Image from Interweave Knits' website

There is a new Interweave Knits magazine out exclusively for Jane Austen Knits.  Oh, it is glorious.  I see so many items I want to knit!!!  It is 15.00 dollars (rounded up).  I am about to purchase is as an e-mag.

Anne Kingstone has contributed some really sweet socks.  I have some of the most perfect cream colored yarn (Cascade Heritage Solids).  

There are caplets, bags, sweaters, etc.  I am definitely going to make a caplet even if it breaks the bank in yarn.

Okay, I am finished with my gushing.

I will give a little update on what has been going on lately.

I have commissions and charity work.  My commissions are hats for a coworker's daughter.  The other items isn't really a commission, it is more of a payment for this:

A wonderfully generous person gave this girl to me! Little Miss No Name (coming soon) is a Takara Lounging Lovely.

For payment I am knitting a 6 month old baby sweater and adding a pair of socks in to show my gratitude.  

My charity knitting is Arkansas Children's Hospital Knitting for Noggins.  Knit Unto Others has a hat drive and has made it into a competition between HSU and OBU.

I am using up a lot of yarn which makes me super happy.  I am mixing up the hats between knitting and crochet.  It gives me enough variety I can stay motivated.  Plus, it is really great seeing those skeins of yarn shrink!

I added new patterns into my Etsy Shop and Ravelry Shop.  

Unicorn Headband-
child and adult sizes!

I now have American Girl Doll size available in the Unicorn Headband, too.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shakespeare in Love for 18 inch doll

My new pattern!  It is a tinyowlknits inspired sweater, as was the Blythe size one.  Stephanie is ever so gracious and allowed me to publish it.

It fits 18 inch dolls like American Girl.

Add a top hat and Josephine could be Pocahontas.  

Love the sweater and want to make it?

It is 4.50 USD. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Just look at these 3 yarns,- Queensland Bamboo Cotton, Queensland Sugar Rush and Knit Picks Sport Shine.

Queensland Bamboo Cotton (lavender) is DK weight.

Queensland Sugar Rush (blue) is sport weight.

Knit Picks Sport Shine (yellow) is sport weight.

What the hell?

The two Queensland yarns are both the same size which I would call a sport weight yarn. The Knit Picks Sport Shine is supposed to be sport, but I consider it DK or maybe even light worsted.


I am creating a pattern right now and started with the KPs (Yellow)stuff.  So now, I have to find a yarn close to the yellow to make another test sweater; although, I am half way through one in the lavender.