Button Loop Tutorial

I use loops in a lot of my knitting patterns.  I thought I would create this short, image tutorial on how I do it.
Create a loop starting on the right side of the garment with the yarn tails on the wrong side.  The size of the loop will depend on your button size.

Create a second loop layer on the bottom of the first.  Be careful not to pull while creating the second loop or you will make the first one a stitch rather than a loop.  Adjust them to the same size.

1. Insert your needle from the back of both loops.   

2. Now, insert your needle in the loop created with the working yarn and pull tightly.
Repeat 1 and 2 until your button loops are filled.  
This is how your button loop should look.  It will attempt to turn on you. so as you go try to keep it straight.  Weave in your yarn ends on the wrong side of the garment.

Notes:  The swatch is pinned down to keep it from curling while I took the photos.  I apologized for rotating it as I went.  I did this because it was pinned down!  

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