Blythe Knits Abbreviations

Blythe Knits Commonly Used Abbreviations

Circs- Circular needles

DPNs- double pointed needles K- knit

KFB- Knit front and back

K2tog- knit two stitches together

M1- Make one right

M1R- Make one right

M1L- Make one left

PM- place marker

Rag Inc- Raglan increases*

Sl m- Slip marker

SSK- slip slip knit

St(s)- stitch or stitches

W&T- wrap and turn

Raglan increases- knit to 1 stitch before the marker, KFB, sl m, KFB, repeat on every marker 

Rib- *K1 x P1,* to the end and then work them as they appear

Seed stitch- *K1, P1* to the end and then work the opposite of the stitch on the next row 

For further explanations, please see Knit Help website. It has instructional videos.

This link will allow you to download this information as a PDF:

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