Monday, December 12, 2011

What new?

I have been trying to think up a new blog topic.  I am drawing a blank.

I can update on my Christmas list.

I am practically finished. Everything is made.  Only a few things are left to do.  The largest task at hand is bottling the wine and designing labels for it!

I cranked out a fleece kitty scarf for R after I took her to school on Friday. I am sure it will be well received and may restore her love for me.  She has firmly decided I am mean.  Not sure why except I make her get out of bed to go to school.  Crying ever morning really grates on my nerves.

Sorry, back to the list. I think I finished sewing on closures to her doll clothing.  Her new Blythe doll is finished.  All she lacks is clothing and her scalp attached.  Sounds gruesome.

Everyone else is finished!

All of my current commissions are finished! Yay! No more guilt for working on my own stuff!

Right now I have several projects going on in the sewing and knitting front.

I am still working on the Red Hood from Jane Austen Knits.

I just finished a Capelet using Universal Yarns Mohair Mountain. Fun yarn, but I suggest not pulling yarn from the center pull.  I had some terrible spots where the yarn stuck together with fuzz.  I splurged and used Jul leather buttons! Completely worth it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

New Blythe Patterns!

Apparently cold weather, no internet, and the holidays has jump started my creative juices!

In the past two weeks I have developed six new patterns for Blythe garments.  I had no idea they were even floating around in my noggin.  Once I got started I couldn't stop!

Here the patterns are, if there is a story, I will include it:

Romper for Blythe 
2.50 USD 

Mohair Caplet for Blythe
2.50 USD

Angora Cape for Blythe
2.50 USD

Mohair Skirt for Blythe
2.50 USD

Mohair Coat for Blythe
3.50 USD

This pattern was designed to showcase the button.  It came from my grandmother's button jar.

Angora Coat for Blythe
3.50 USD

I have a new love for angora and mohair!

My internet company went belly up. :( So now we are shopping for a new provider.  I don't know when I will get plugged back in the the world wide web.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Red Hood

I, as promised, broke the bank for a Jane Austen Knits pattern.  Okay, I really didn't break the bank, but it was pricey.

I bought Cascade 220 for the Scarlet Capelet.  The pattern calls for 2 skeins of Plymouth Mulberry Silk for the front edging.  I thought I would leave it out, but now I am thinking I want to use it.  I also purchased Jul leather buttons.

The hood is finished and I am now at the shoulder increases.  It is A LOT of Stocking Stitch...

Once finished, I am going to play with the idea of lining the hood.

Different note-

R's dental surgery went okay.  She is still a bit grumpy.  I am hoping soon she will be in a better mood.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I dread tomorrow.  R is having major dental surgery.  Poor kid has inherited bad teeth.  I feel very sad that she is going to have a mouth full of silver teeth.  :(

This weekend is supposed to be a soccer tournament.  I am unsure if R is going to play.  I have no idea how she is going to feel after tomorrow.  I am expecting to stay home with her on Thursday.

Tonight we are eating pizza and staying up really late (but no food or water past 12 am).  Hopefully, she will sleep until just before we leave for the hospital.

Speaking about soccer-
Last weekend's soccer game went extremely well. R got into the fray and kicked the ball.  She did some fancy footwork even. I am pretty impressed with her progress.

One week our coaches (who are college girl soccer players) were traveling for their own games and the practice coach was a college boy soccer player.  He did an amazing job with drills and such.  The kids really listened to him.  Majority of the kids on the team cannot seem to listen to the girls.

Well, ho hum.  That is all I can dredge up today.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jane Austen Knits

I have a confession- I have never read Jane Austen.  First time I tried I was in 8th or 9th grade with Emma.  I keep attempting every so often.  My most recent attempt has been Sense and Sensibility.  I read contemporary books about Jane Austen and her writings, like The Jane Austen Book Club and currently, Definitely Not Mr. Darcy.

I enjoyed The Jane Austen Book Club; however, I am not so thrilled with Definitely Not Mr. Darcy.  I love the Jane Austen movies.

Wondering where this confession is going?

Image from Interweave Knits' website

There is a new Interweave Knits magazine out exclusively for Jane Austen Knits.  Oh, it is glorious.  I see so many items I want to knit!!!  It is 15.00 dollars (rounded up).  I am about to purchase is as an e-mag.

Anne Kingstone has contributed some really sweet socks.  I have some of the most perfect cream colored yarn (Cascade Heritage Solids).  

There are caplets, bags, sweaters, etc.  I am definitely going to make a caplet even if it breaks the bank in yarn.

Okay, I am finished with my gushing.

I will give a little update on what has been going on lately.

I have commissions and charity work.  My commissions are hats for a coworker's daughter.  The other items isn't really a commission, it is more of a payment for this:

A wonderfully generous person gave this girl to me! Little Miss No Name (coming soon) is a Takara Lounging Lovely.

For payment I am knitting a 6 month old baby sweater and adding a pair of socks in to show my gratitude.  

My charity knitting is Arkansas Children's Hospital Knitting for Noggins.  Knit Unto Others has a hat drive and has made it into a competition between HSU and OBU.

I am using up a lot of yarn which makes me super happy.  I am mixing up the hats between knitting and crochet.  It gives me enough variety I can stay motivated.  Plus, it is really great seeing those skeins of yarn shrink!

I added new patterns into my Etsy Shop and Ravelry Shop.  

Unicorn Headband-
child and adult sizes!

I now have American Girl Doll size available in the Unicorn Headband, too.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shakespeare in Love for 18 inch doll

My new pattern!  It is a tinyowlknits inspired sweater, as was the Blythe size one.  Stephanie is ever so gracious and allowed me to publish it.

It fits 18 inch dolls like American Girl.

Add a top hat and Josephine could be Pocahontas.  

Love the sweater and want to make it?

It is 4.50 USD. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Just look at these 3 yarns,- Queensland Bamboo Cotton, Queensland Sugar Rush and Knit Picks Sport Shine.

Queensland Bamboo Cotton (lavender) is DK weight.

Queensland Sugar Rush (blue) is sport weight.

Knit Picks Sport Shine (yellow) is sport weight.

What the hell?

The two Queensland yarns are both the same size which I would call a sport weight yarn. The Knit Picks Sport Shine is supposed to be sport, but I consider it DK or maybe even light worsted.


I am creating a pattern right now and started with the KPs (Yellow)stuff.  So now, I have to find a yarn close to the yellow to make another test sweater; although, I am half way through one in the lavender.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer- Team South Africa

R is playing soccer.  She is on team South Africa which is lime green and black.  

She has her first game on Saturday. Shew, it was interesting.  Hopefully, after this week's practice the team will improve.  

R just wasn't sure of those boys running and pushing to get the ball.  This is a new one for her.  Her experience playing with boys have been in a controlled school classroom.  The opposing team was nearly all boys.

We plan to work on running (not jogging), stealing, and controlling the ball.  The majority of the kids have trouble with the later two.

I will give an update next Saturday and hopefully, I will have better photos maybe some action shots.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy Pumpkins!

Wow, it's fair time already.  I have only a hand full of items to enter this year.

Here is the run down:

Snake sweater
Fawkes socks
Stag bag
Crochet clutch
Christmas frog
Neckwarmer converted to dish cloth (ran out of yarn)

Mmm, I am sure I am forgetting something.

Holy Pumpkins, I am nearly finished with Christmas!

This has to be a record, I am not knitting on Christmas Eve!  Here is what I have finished:

Daddy- wine
Momma- socks
Sister- Kindle cover
Brother- sign (I broke the rules and bought it.)
B-I-L- hat 85%
R- sweater 85%
Husband- Nothing yet.  But, he is getting a nice woolly hat for his birthday.

I am finished with Christmas purchases for R.  I haven't even started on Joe.  It maybe a one item year.  I really have no desire to purchase a bunch of little items.


Yesterday R and I got out the Halloween decor.  I have 3 stuffed pumpkins that were hand-me-downs and other little items that I have picked up.  Last year we made a felt creature/monster hanging garland.  It is still in one piece for most part.

This year I have knitted garlic hanging on our front door.  Joe came in last night and ask if it was Halloween decor.  I told him I thought it seemed fitting.  R has just gotten on the paper pumpkin roll.  I will try to post photos once we have about a billion cut out pumpkins everywhere.

I also hope to post pictures of Christmas and Fair projects soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am finished with Tiny Owl Knits's Snakes Sweater. I think the name is Snake-a-licious.  Maybe. Anyways it is completed and I am happy!  It is definitely going in to the county fair.

My Patronus Bag, real name Fair Isle Stag Bag, is completed too! It took me forever to get the lining sewn and stitched in.  

Now, if I can just get going on my Christmas gifts. I started a sweater for R and it is just under 75% finished.  It is a stash bust just like the snake sweater.  

Yay for stash busting!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rowan Yarn

Last week R, Joe and I took a small vacation to Eureka Springs, AR.  I finally found the yarn shop there! It only took a year.

The shop had Rowan yarn.  Not a lot but some.  Turns out it was all yarn that has been discontinued.  I purchased 2 skeins of Rowan Plaid yarn in browns.  It is a chunky weight and it 218 yards for the two skeins.  Gah, what to do with it?  Why did I buy brown?  I don't even like brown.  Well, I bought it because it is Rowan and what is my child's name, Rowan.

More about naming Rowan later.

Okay, so back to the point, I don't like brown.  I don't wear brown.  Tans blend too much into my skin tone when I have a tan and right now I have a deep tan (deep for me).

I have decided to make birthday presents for Joe and Rowan.  Joe has plans to get Rowan on a deer stand pretty often this year.  I am going to make them neck warmers or hats.  I will probably make R a neck warmer since I think the more orange the better and Joe a hat.  The hat he can wear for duck hunting too.

Yay! That will use up the yarn and provide presents.

I am terrible.  I have not been working on my Christmas knitting.  I have been hexipuffin' it instead.  Here some photos:

I have 2 blankets going- HUGE hexipuff blanket with "dish" cotton and the normal sock weight blanket.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Tooth Out!

R pulled her first tooth! I put some clove powder on it to numb it.  Then she pulled it herself with dental floss!

As you can see from the photos, she has another one coming in behind.  We have been working hard to get them out once Joe noticed them.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend knitting

In my most recent weekends I have had one that seemed to be "see how many projects you can start" and "finish up" weekends.  This one was "freak out over gauge" weekend.  

Stephanie Dosen, Tiny Owl Knits, published a wonderful pattern that I had to have right then- The Beekeeper's Quilt.  A knitted quilt pattern that is made up of 3-D hexagons or hexipuffs.  It fits prefect in my stash busting mood.  

My gauge freak out began when I started my first puff.  I was knitting away when I realized it was HUGE and not really a hexagon.  Plus, the amount of yarn this thing was eating up was ridiculous.  I fretted over gauge thinking my yarn was all wrong even though it was sock yarn.  I went to my LYS and talked with some people about gauge.  Finally, I pm'd Winterfi, who is head running a KAL on Ravelry, to see what gauge is on her puffs.  I was only 2 stitches off.  Then it hit her, I was doubling the size of my puff.  I was knitting to 40 stitches each needle (I am magic looping) rather than 40 total.  

I felt like a true blonde.  I was fretting over nothing...I just read the pattern wrong!!! 

Now the hexipuffs are well on there way and I am having no trouble at all.  In fact, I am super happy about using up bits of yarn.  

I joined the KAL and my goal is like 400 hexipuffs.  

Another TOK project is the Snake sweater.  It is another stash bust project.  I bought tons of Jeanee worsted weight yarn on clearance for the Op Art Blanket.  Well, I lost momentum.  I tried to find yarn for this project just recently and decided to put it on hold.  Then I pulled out the blanket and thought this is perfect! 

It is going along really well.  I tried it on last night, it fits perfectly.  

R's birthday cardigan is going well too.  I have more than plenty of yarn, in fact, I think there will be leftovers. I was hoping to use all of it up.  I bought cute mother of pearl flower buttons for it on Saturday.  

The three projects listed above are going on a trip with me starting tomorrow afternoon.  So, hopefully I will make good progress!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas and Fair

Yes, it is that time again already.


I have just geared up, or panicked rather, my Christmas knitting.  It is nearly August and I don't have even one gift finished. BAH!

Here is the line up:

Momma- socks
Ronda- socks, + an extra ?
Rick- ?
Daddy- 30 bottles of wine, in the make right now
Brent- neckwarmer
Joe- duck?
R- Weasely sweater?

My mom's socks are about 45% finished.  The easiest project so far has been the wine because Joe did it.

Joe expressed interest in a knitted duck.  Now, I have to decide if I want to wing it (no pun intended) or buy the pattern.  I think I will embellish it with needle felting.  Why did I just start needle felting? It is wonderful! Maybe I will put a zipper in the duck so it can be a money-stasher or something.


Last year I busted my rear for the fair.  This year I am going to finish the projects I am on and if they fit into the categories great, if not oh well.

Potential projects-

Fawkes Socks
R's socks
Snakes cabled sweater
R's sweater
Stag bag
Kellylnch blanket

I might come up with some others.  I thought about knitting a hat or something in addition to these.  Overall this is it.  I am more worried about Christmas.

In addition to these items I am stash busting.  I just finished off some yarn that has been hanging around the house and in the process of getting rid of some more.  It is Plymouth DreamBaby DK.  I bought it on super sale at LYS about 2 years ago.  I had about 7 skeins of it.  I am now down to 2! Which is going to be used for R's birthday cardigan!

Here is some of the yarn:

The eyelet pattern is from Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers that I adapted into R some pants.

R just got finished with a pb & j sandwich...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reducio! Hospital Wing

I joined Reducio swap Hospital Wing.  Funny thing, it came on a day that I left work sick.

A very sweet package came from Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom.

Thanks, Ali123!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sock bits

So, I was under the impression that I would have millions of little sock yarn leftovers once I started knitting socks.  Hmm...where am I going wrong?

I hate buying full skeins yarn for Blythe clothing.  I have the yarn forever and I get sick of it.  Sometime it is super satisfying finished up all of that yarn, well, unless you are running short.

I, so far, have only had one nice Blythe-size leftover.  All my others are still too much to use for doll clothing. Maybe practice makes perfect.  That means knit more socks.

Ariana socks are on hold.  The twisted stitches are too much for me to think about right now.  I have moved on to my custom knee socks in self striping yarn.  I am almost finished with the first sock.  Very little yarn will be left. :(

Friday, June 24, 2011

Am I ready?

Am I ready for Ann Kingstones's Gyffindor Pride socks?

Photos are from Ann's Ravelry and website.

I think I have enough yarn for them.  I am okay with sock anatomy now and I am fair at fair isle (no pun intended).

I want to try these soon.  Right now I am going to make a pair named for Dumbledore's sister, Ariana.

Oh, here are R's socks:

Pattern also by Ann Kingstone

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can I start new socks?

NO! I have to finish my Bellatrix and Gryffindor pair first! But, I so want to start Ariana.  I haven't tried toe up yet.

I was going to use a blue yarn but I have Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in cream that I think would look very lovely.  I want the socks to be tall.

Ahh....I have to wait.  Off to knit socks.

Added later-

I do not have photos of my socks.  But, here is R's socks.  Socks for Little Witches by Ann Kingstone.  Ann is a lovely knitter.  I think she is publishing a book soon, Novel Knits.  I just read that is will be available in US.  Yay for Ann!

Well, I will have to add it later.  I can't get it to do it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why did I buy straights?

I am no longer keeping my straight needles.  The only purpose they are serving right now is decorative and they are messy looking at that.

I wish some knitting genius would have advised me to stock up on circular needles instead of straights.  Wondering where this post is going?  Well, I am bunching them up by size and selling them in my Etsy shop.  I am hoping someone out there just loves straight needles!!

They are very nice needles- birch, rosewood, and bamboo.

I am selling other knitting odds and ends-  point covers, cable needles, stitch holders, thimbles, finger protectors, etc.

I feel like I have hit a knitting milestone. I have been at it long enough that I know what works for me and it is time to get rid of the rest.

It is like finally remembering the kitchener stitch. Big milestone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knitting Goals

It seems that I have a million things I want to knit and write patterns for, but too little of time to get it done.

I think I am going to write patterns for my old projects which include: the niffler, mandrake, pixie, and ashwinder. If you couldn't tell these are magical creatures from Harry Potter. So far, my issues have been either trying to remember or trying to compensate for my weird way of knitting.  All of my early projects use knit through the back loop (ktlb) as the knit stitch and that stitch shapes completely different from the knit stitch.  In a lot of ways I like it better for toys, it creates an elongated and tight knit.

There are few other items that I have in the planning stage.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long overdue

I haven't been feeling in the mood to blog.  Don't know why really.  I still don't feel in the mood, but I feel bad seeing a short, old post up.

I am knitting socks.  Yes, socks.  I probably kept my animosity towards socks from my blog.  Well, last week it hit me I want to try them out.  My first pair are finished and my second pair are the the works.  I will see if I can get a photo up of the first sometime today or tomorrow.

This isn't really knitting related but it is fiber!

I rooted mohair! It is so lovely and soft.  I believe this girl's name is Lilith.  I bought her from someone in Australia without her scalp.  I think she turned out really pretty. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blythe Knits on Facebook

Want to know what's going on with my Etsy shop, Blythe Knits?  Like me on Facebook and get updates! Who knows, I may even run promotions and sales through the social networking site.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knitting Book Destash

7 dollars per title and 3 dollars US shipping:

Glamour Knits by Erika Knight
Textured Knits by Julia Cooper
No Sheep for You by Amy R. Singer
New Knits on the Block by Vickie Howell (2 copies)
Casual, Elegant Knits by Faina Goberstein and Dawn Leeseman
Knitted Babes by Claire Garland
Knit one, Strip too by Candace Eisner Strick
Knit Wit by Amy R. Singer (Sold)
Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns by Missy Burns, Stephanie Blaydes Kaisler, and Anita Tosten
Hollywood Knits Style by Suss Cousins
Stitch N' Bitch Nation
Punk Knits
Crocheting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti
Chick Knits by Julia Cooper
The Knitter's Bible, Knitted Bags by Claire Crompton
Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch by Nicky Epstein

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crafty Fire for Blythe

Crafty Fire for Blythe


Blue fingering weight yarn
Darning needle
Crochet hook

Note- To start out I use an i-cord on the first round.

CO 3 (make sure to have a long tail)  in the round

*KFB* every stitch. = 6 sts.

*KFB* every stitch. = 12 sts.

Knit 3 rounds.

*SSK, K2* all around. = 9 sts.

Knit 1 round.

*SSK, K1* all around.  = 6 sts.

*SSK* all around.  = 3 sts.

Pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in end.

Fire Petals, knitted flat-

Using the CO tail, pick up 2 stitches.

KFB the 2 stitches.

SSK, K2tog


Pull yarn through the stitch and weave in ends.

Repeat a second time for another petal.

Attach new yarn and chain stitch a loop big enough to fit Blythe's hand.

Have fun!

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011

This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps. Check me out on Etsy!  BlytheKnits

Hermione's Crafty Fire Knitting Pattern

Hermione's Craft Fire Knitting Pattern


Blue worsted weight yarn
Darning needle

CO 6 stitches in the round.

KFB every stitch. = 12 sts.

KFB every stitch. =24 sts.

*K1, KFB* all around. = 36 sts.

Knit for 6 rounds.

*K1, SSK, K6, K2tog, K1* all around. = 30 sts.

Knit for 3 rounds.

*K1, SSK, SSK, K5* all around.  = 24 sts.

Knit for 2 rounds.

*K4, K2tog, K2tog* all around. = 18 sts.

Knit for 2 rounds.

*SSK, K2, K2tog* all around. = 12 sts.

*SSK* all around. = 6 sts.

 Lightly stuff the bottom with polyfil. Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches. Weave in ends.

Fire Petals, knit flat:

CO 3


Stocking stitch for 3 rows.

SSK, K1, K2tog




Pull yarn through remaining stitch and weave in ends.

CO 3

KFB every stitch



Stocking stitch 3 rows.







Pull yarn through remaining stitch and weave in ends.

Stitch the fire petals to the bottom of the main fire.

Now you have created a magical fire!

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps.  

Check out me on Etsy! BlytheKnits

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome Home Outfit for Petite Blythe

Welcome Home Outfit for Petite Blythe



Sock weight yarn

4 stitch markers

Darning needle

Scrap yarn



CO 15

Place marker at 3, 2, 5, 2 3

Row 1- KFB before and after every maker

Row- Purl all stitches

Repeat 1 and 2 once more or until there are 6 sleeve stitches.

Knit to the sleeves and place them on scrap yarn and do the same for the second one.

Stocking stitch for 6 rows.

K1 x P1 for 1 row

BO in rib and weave in ends.

Sew on Velcro for closure.

Sleeves x 2-

Place the 6 stitches back on the needles and pick up 2 at the armpit.

Knit for 5 rounds.

K2tog, knit the rest.

K1 x P1 for 1 round.

BO in rib and weave in ends.

CO 20

Knit for 6 rounds.


*K1, SSK, K4, K2tog, K1* twice.

Knit for 1 round.

K1 xP1 for 1 round.

BO in rib and weave in ends.

Wondering why this pattern is called Welcome Home Outfit? Check out my dolly blog with the story about Applesauce, who is the model.

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2011

This is for personal use only. Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have you ever Kitchner Stitched with a paper clip?

Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible.  I was caught without a darning needle today so I resorted to a paper clip.  It is a bit tricky since you have two points to worry about but it can be mastered!

A quick update-

I started an Etsy shop on Monday. It has been a long time coming.  Right now I have my 3 Blythe knitting patterns listed, but hope to add more things soon. Here is the link to my shop:

Starting on Friday I am teaching magic loop at my LYS, Knit Unto Others, using Rebecca Dangers's Tofu the Gentle Dachshund. 

This image is actually notecards for sale in Rebecca's shop.  If interested, here is the link:

This one isn't even really worth mentioning, BUT, I possibly have a sweater for kids in the works.  I think it will be pretty gender neutral.  More on that later.

Yay for knitting!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning up my blog

In the next few days I am going to be "cleaning out" blog post.  It is amazing what post are popping up on the Link Within widget. My blog's purpose, I feel, has changed since I first started posting and I am deleting some of the post from a couple of years ago.

I will keep a lot but some of the swap assignments are going to the trash.  However, I will keep certian things as examples for people. I understand that it is nice to see what others have made in the past for your own ideas.  I will label all swap related posting as swaps. This will include- packages I sent, packages I received, assignments, and projects related to it.   I feel for now I am finished with swaping. I have personal goals that I want to meet and swaps became a finacial and time burden. 

Labeling will be edited heavily. I am now using only a hand full of labels to make them useful. 

I do have a lot of doll related post that will stay even though this is my knitting blog.

Okay, there is my explanation. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Pattern for Sale!

Make a little deer outfit for your Petite Blythe! This pattern includes alternate bits to ensure perfect fit for the Littlest Pet Shop Blythes, also.

This pattern requires small amounts of yarn to create the hat and romper. The sock yarn was used for the embroidery work. Two miniature buttons are used to close the back to give this romper a sweet finish. Yarn overs are the buttonholes.

The romper is knitted flat and seamed up the inseam and back. Stitches are picked up for the tail and an i-cord is made.

The hat is knitting in the round and the ears are i-cord that are stitched on afterwards. The antler numbs (or tines) are a hybred version of the French knot. Not to worry, it is explained in the pattern.