Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petite Dresses for Petite Blythe

Petite Dresses for Petite Blythe
US 2 needles
DK weight yarn
Yarn darning needle
Notes: This is a formula that gives you general guide lines to construct a Petite Blythe Dress.  It can be completely customizable.  Make sure to cast on extra yarn to use as a tie.
CO 11
Work 2 rows.
Work 4 sts, YO, work 3 sts, YO, work 4 sts; this should be on right side.
Work 5 more rows (less or more to your desired style).
Increase on right side as many or less as you prefer.
Work shirt rows to your preference.
BO on wrong side.
Stitch up the skirt portion until it is sufficient space to slip the body inside the dress. Weave the stitching yarn up to the neck. Anchor and use as a tie.
Want more specific instructions?

Pink Example                                                   
CO 11
Garter st for 2 rows
K4, YO, K3, YO, K4
St st for 5 rows
*K1, KFB* repeat to end. (I ended with a K1)
Garter stitch for ¾”
BO on wrong side

Stitch up and create ties.

           Grey Example

CO 15
K4, YO, K7, YO, K4
*K2, M1, K2* repeat to end.
St st for 1 1/4 inch.
BO on wrong side.

Stitch up and create ties

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2010
This is for personal use only.  Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wondering what I have been up to?

Commissions, Commissions, Commissions. About the time I think I am caught up, I get another request. Thanks goodness they are something simple like baby hats.

Now, I have the fear that my Christmas knitting will not be finished. I have been so busy trying to finish up other people's projects, that my Christmas knitting has been place on back burner. Stupid me thought everyone needed slippers. Gahahahahaha.....that is a laugh of insanity....... What the xxxx what I thinking? Only set completed is R's....

I will try my best to photograph some of the FO's laying around my house. The Scoop Pullover I made will be going to my sister since it is entirely too big for me. That was a bummer. I made TinyOwlKnit's Woodland Hoodlet with great success though. It is very warm.