Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was almost productive.  I had Friday night to myself because R and Joe went for an overnight stay to fish at the river.  R apparently had a blast.  They were supposed to be home at 10 am, they got home at 3:30 pm. She had decided 3 fish just wasn't enough she needed to catch more.

While they were gone I cleaned a little.  Cleaning my house is something that has been neglected for awhile.  I can actually see the top of my dining room table again.  Slowly I am getting things put away.  I also have been culling for a yard sale.  Some of my yarn is going.  Mostly it is acrylics.  I am sick of my Vanna Baby Choice.  I haven't been using it lately, so it is going. Some awful purple fluffy stuff and the banana silk.  I have been shoving it around my house since I got it. I, suprisingly, sold the purple and blue mix to a fellow knitter so she could finish up a project. Banana silk was a very expensive lesson.

As I am cleaning I am trying to organize future projects by using gallon size ziplocks.  At the beginning of summer I acquired several from places and I started storing WIPs inside them.  Depending on where I was going I would just grab a project. It was great until I spilled Dr. Pepper down one.  I am trying this method again by labeling and sorting by person or project.  So far I have:

R's Ladybug slippers
R's Future secret project (I might try to get it published.)
My sister's socks
My Leaf Yoke Sweater
R's Weasley Sweater
My future sweater, Maybe Mary Ann

That is all I remember.

Now to what I knitted on this weekend.  I started my sister's Christmas socks.  I have about 3 inches finished.  I imagine it will be a good work break project.

I finally finished the Retro Bathing Suit!  It is really cute.  Still big, but cute. I am hoping that R grows into it.  I have some awful photos of her wearing it.  She was being very contrary.

I restarted my bubble top sometime last week.  Did I even post what happened? I was on the last side decreases (about 5 inches from the beginning of pockets, 15 inches away from CO) when I realized something was very wrong.  I knew my numbers were off, but wasn't overly concerned, I thought it was just one extra stitch and I had one decrease round left.  So, I was going to compensate. I decided to count the pocket stitches to make sure I chose the ideal place for the decrease so everything would be even.  Well, apparently counting was a weakness the day I started the pockets.  I, from the very beginning, casted on wrong for the pockets. I did 37 for one and 42 for the other- 42 was correct.  I was so flipping mad at myself. I ripped and put it down for a week.

NOW, I am past the pockets and front section with all numbers mostly correct.  I think I had 2 or 3 extra stitches.  It was all good because I compensated in the bodice increases! I am so happy. The lace looks perfect and I am nearly to the arm holes. Bad news, I am on my last skein of yarn and it is half used.  I am not ordering until I completely run out.  I have many other projects that can be worked on while I wait for the mail.

Started and frogging the Beauxbatons sweater for Fleur.  It is nothing like what I wanted. I did too many raglan increases which gives it a bulky football jeresy look. I wanted a sweater that was fenimine and form-fitting.

Okay, I have resolved my stress knitting situation.  I posted the lasted time without my fair listings.  The list is so outdated and poorly catergorized that only half of my projects are going to fit.

Here is the revised lists:

Fairy hat (hat)
St. Patty's hat (cap)
Nessie (toy)
Fluffy Bunny or Marmalade Kitty (Knitted toy)
Retro bathing suit (other)

To make-
fingerless mitts (Emerald Mitts with leftover Ultra Pima)
crochet toy? (Pass the Pigs or Owlet, depends on which is easier due to lacking skills in crochet)
pillow cover
dish towl
pot holder
doll with clothing
house shoes?

To finish-
Bubble top (sweater- yea! almost there)
baby sweater (infant sweater)

I have a baby hat finshed that I need to find.  My "To make" list increase but with small items. I think the pot holder, dish towel and even the purse could be a one day item.

I can't belive how out dated it is, but any who....  The list isn't nearly as daunting now.

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