Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dream and Christmas

Last night I dreamed that I finally got the courage to crack open one of my Blythes to customize her.  It was a bit strange. I had to wash her up with soap then unscrew her head and then wash her interior also (which I do not think is necessary unless you sand her face).  Magically, new eye chips were appearing for me to use.  I vaguely remember tools that I could carve her features with also. I found inside of her a second pull cord inside to make her have sleepy eyes or something.  I think my coworker was in the dream with me.  She customizes doll, just not Blythes.

Then my dream morphed.  The second dream was even more strange.  At least I was being productive in the first dream.

Christmas lists-

It is about time for me to start thinking about Christmas.  I am feeling pressure, but not enough to get me started on them.

Sister- yoga socks, 1 or 2 pairs, maybe a neckwarmer too?
Momma- selky change purse (inside joke)
Daddy- beer cozy? and friendly stash moth?
Brother-I-L- beer cozy and...
Brother- beer cozy and...
Daughter- Penelope monster backpack, piggy slippers

From Danger Craft Etsy Shop

I wanted to make my husband, brother, and b-i-l all "stuffed" game.  I am sure a bit of explanation is require.  All three hunt and I thought it would be funny if I knitted deer heads and mounted them on a board.  To me, it would be hillarious.  To them, I don't know. I guess I could knit them something boring like hunting gloves. Either way, here are the patterns I have in mind:



I am not sure if my dad would need a stash moth.  I am pretty sure he has wool sweater that it would be useful if I decide to do it.

The Penelope backpack, I have plans to alter the pattern just a bit.  I tried this once before but I have a new idea since then.  This time my idea will work.  I will probably use Jeanee Chunky in denim blue and a lilac.

The piggy slipper will be made from Polar Fleece in purple and a Polar Fleece pattern.  R's new favorite color is purple.

This topic will be updated in the future!

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