Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer- Team South Africa

R is playing soccer.  She is on team South Africa which is lime green and black.  

She has her first game on Saturday. Shew, it was interesting.  Hopefully, after this week's practice the team will improve.  

R just wasn't sure of those boys running and pushing to get the ball.  This is a new one for her.  Her experience playing with boys have been in a controlled school classroom.  The opposing team was nearly all boys.

We plan to work on running (not jogging), stealing, and controlling the ball.  The majority of the kids have trouble with the later two.

I will give an update next Saturday and hopefully, I will have better photos maybe some action shots.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy Pumpkins!

Wow, it's fair time already.  I have only a hand full of items to enter this year.

Here is the run down:

Snake sweater
Fawkes socks
Stag bag
Crochet clutch
Christmas frog
Neckwarmer converted to dish cloth (ran out of yarn)

Mmm, I am sure I am forgetting something.

Holy Pumpkins, I am nearly finished with Christmas!

This has to be a record, I am not knitting on Christmas Eve!  Here is what I have finished:

Daddy- wine
Momma- socks
Sister- Kindle cover
Brother- sign (I broke the rules and bought it.)
B-I-L- hat 85%
R- sweater 85%
Husband- Nothing yet.  But, he is getting a nice woolly hat for his birthday.

I am finished with Christmas purchases for R.  I haven't even started on Joe.  It maybe a one item year.  I really have no desire to purchase a bunch of little items.


Yesterday R and I got out the Halloween decor.  I have 3 stuffed pumpkins that were hand-me-downs and other little items that I have picked up.  Last year we made a felt creature/monster hanging garland.  It is still in one piece for most part.

This year I have knitted garlic hanging on our front door.  Joe came in last night and ask if it was Halloween decor.  I told him I thought it seemed fitting.  R has just gotten on the paper pumpkin roll.  I will try to post photos once we have about a billion cut out pumpkins everywhere.

I also hope to post pictures of Christmas and Fair projects soon!