Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My things to make list is getting really long.  I have 3 little sweater so make for my Blythes.  Penelope and Fleur need "Weasley Sweater" and Fleur needs a Beauxbatons sweater.  I will make a sewn silky cloak in grey also. I just read on Wikipedia that the uniforms are made with blue and grey.  I thought I remembered the emblem being in gold.  I don't actually have any yarn for the two Weasley sweaters, but I can dig up some for my Beauxbatons sweater.

I am going to give the curlers a whirl this weekend.  They should be a quick and easy sewing project. I have tons of stuffing that I need to use up too!  Side note- I think they will work perfectly.  The pipe cleaner curler was a success, so why would fabric ones not be?

I want to make little Halloween costumes for my Blythes.  Now that I have three, it is going to be quite a chore. I have ideas already though.  I want Penelope to be a octopus, Ginny a pumpkin, and Fleur a pretty witch. (Not to mention I have R's costume to get together too.  I am trying to convince her to be Coraline.)

Oh, something else I would like to do is make Blythe-size buttons out of oven bake clay.  I have some, I just need to find it.  I wish I could take a week off from work and do all of this! 

Gosh, all of this I want to do, BUT I need to finish some of my UFOs. *Sighs* With the county fair coming up in September, it means I need to get somethings put together for that.  It is my only foreseen source of extra money in the future.

There is just not enough hours in the day.

Later in the day-

I forgot to post about my weird overwhelming urge to knit my Blythes winter clothing.  Yes, I am crazy. I think they all need warm coats and hats.  I want to make them fluff rimmed bonnets.  Why would I want to do this? Who knows.

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Pandora said...

I have decided curlers are pointless when you can buy foam ones from the store. I did make a few and they did work.