Monday, July 12, 2010

Updating on Projects

My project updates are getting a little ridiculous because it is practically the same things!

My new project is Soft Kid Bubble from Boutique Knits book. I am about 9 inches into it. Now I am having to problem solve because I am leaving out the pockets.  This was an attempt to conserve yarn because I maybe about 80 yards short and I just think they will stretch and hang funny. That 9 inches is looking very beautiful.

Next project which I thought I was finished with is the Leaf tee.  I am going back and putting sleeves in and ribbing along the neck and bottom edges.  Everytime I look at it I just feel it is crappy looking and unfininshed.  Not just that I felt very frumpy wearing it.  I used yarn that had no dye lot and it is very obviously that I did not incorporate it together.  I am actually banking on some dye bleeding in the blocking process to make it somewhat uniform.

Black Unmentionables are a couple of rounds away from being finished. I am ripping out the BO in the first leg because I think it is too tight for the ruffle.  Nothing major, but I am happy to see them nearly finished.

Inamorata, the infamous trouble maker, is still incomplete.  I wanted to wear it on 4th of July weekend so I was trying my best to get it finished.  I have been crocheting around until I get to the spots that need straps to cut down on finishing time.  I have finished the front straps and button holes/buttons and I was rounding to the spot of the back straps.  I put the top on so my husband could help me place the straps. I got up without thinking and ripped out 5 inches of crochet.  I was so angry I haven't touched it since.  It has been nothing but a pain in the rear!!!!

R's retro bathing suit is just about finished!! I can't remember if I have posted about this project.  It is so cute; it is a SockPixie pattern that she published with Petite Purls online publication.  I am using Cascade Fixation in hot pink and lime green.  I am working on the ribbing around the sleeves and the neck and back.  R is so tiny that the size 2t is too large, but hopefully this means she can wear it next summer too. 

I am continuing writing patterns for my Blythe dolls.  Unfortunately, my weekend did not go as planned so nothing new is ready.

I did work on my second batch of cotton yarn that I dyed. I have several more section that need to be rinsed before I post photos.  I will post the first attempt at the same time.  The tie-dye kit has been working out rather well.  I am pretty proud of the finished products.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your project updates. I had to go find the bubble knit on ravelry How cute! The tee you are knitting is so pretty too. I think I see the color difference you were talking about - but I hope it will work out. Such a pretty pattern and color!

Pandora said...

It wasn't an issue to me at first, but now it really bothers me.

I can't wait to have the bubble top finished! It is so soft and pretty!