Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chihuahua- Odd Bod version


You Need:

US 6 or fit your yarn (straight)

1 US 6 DPN or scrap yarn, safety pin, stitch holder.

Plymouth Baby Alpaca Worsted (I feel this yarn is more of a DK)

Misti Baby Alpaca DK for color details


Darning needle

Eyes- buttons, felt, safety eyes

Body (Make 2, one in reverse)

Note: Change colors according to your pet’s markings or get creative!

CO 25

Rows 1-9 St st.

Row 10 K, K2TOG, K to last 3 st, K2TOG, K1

Row 11-14 St st

Row 15 K20, Slip 5 to DPN, scrap yarn, stitch holder, etc.

Row 16 (Remaining 20 st) K1, K2TOG, K11, K2TOG, K1

Row 17 Purl

Row 18 K1, K2TOG, K9, K2TOG, K1 (13)

Row 19-25 St st

Row 26 P1, INC, P9, INC, P1 (15)

Row 27 knit

Row 28 P1, INC, P11, INC, P1 (17)

Row 29 knit

Row 30 P1, INC, P13, INC, P1 (19)

Row 31-34 St st

Row 35 K1, K2TOG, K13, K2TOG, K1 (17)

Row 36 P1, P2TOG, P11, P2TOG, P1 (15)

Row 37 K1, K2TOG, K9, K2TOG, K1 (13)

Row 38 P1, P2TOG, P1, P2TOG, P1, P2TOG, P1, P2TOG, P1 (9)

Row 39 BO

Reverse for Back side of Chihuahua.


Place stitches back on to a needle

Row 1 k

Row 2 purl

Row 3 K2TOG, K3, backwards CO 1

Row 4 purl

Row 5 K2TOG, K3, backwards CO 1

Row 6 purl

Row 7 K2TOG and BO


CO 25

Row 1 purl

Row 2 K1, INC, 21, INC, K1 (27)

Row 3 purl

Row 4 K1, K2TOG, K21, K2TOG, K1 (25)

Row 5 BO

Ears (make 2)

CO 10

Row 1-4 St st 4 rows

Row 5 P1, P2TOG, P4, P2TOG, P1

Row 6 K1

Row 7 P1, P2TOG, P2, P2TOG, P1

Row 8 K1, K2TOG, K2TOG, K1

Row 9 P2TOG, P2TOG

Row 10 K2TOG

Pull thread through last stitch.



I know this is odd, but it worked.

CO 15

Row 1 purl

Row 2 knit

Row 3 P1, P2TOG, P9, P2TOG, P1

Row 4 K1, K2TOG, K6, K2TOG, K1

Row 5 purl

Row 6 knit

Row 7 purl

Row 8 knit


I folded it in on the sides until it looked like a dog’s muzzle and then stitched it together. Because of the fold, you don’t have to stuff it.


Sew front and back of chi together starting from one side to the other.

Then sew bottom on. Leave yourself enough room to stuff the pup and then finished sewing.

I attached the ears and then the muzzle. This way you can align all of the features to your liking.

I sewed on the button eyes last.

Note: This pattern is untested. You may email me at with questions. This is my pattern, please do not abuse it by selling my pattern. It is free to all dog and toy lovers.

Copywritten by Natalie Scrimshire, 2009.

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