Friday, July 2, 2010

Appleby Arrows

After much anticipation, I got my Appleby Arrows package today from HSKS 9.

Containing my excitement I read the note first that explained a few items and gave an apology for tardiness from the lovely Olive Brumblebirch. 

I opened the box and what did I see, many little silver wrapped bundles with customized Appleby Arrow labels.



THEN, I ripped, ripped and ripped.  R came in and helped me out towards the end.  She just knew it was tiresome for me to do it alone....haha.

Here is what Olive sent to me:

4 skeins of Berroco, which I am pretty excited about.  Enough yardage to redo the Emmaline pattern.

3 skeins of Knit Picks organic cotton in Heather Wave, Heather Bermuda, and Heather Grey.  I just ordered more. I could not have picked any better for myself!

Special Edition Appleby Arrow Stitch makers, beautiful shades of blue and silver!

Appleby Arrow stationary

Handmade accessory bag

Handmade bag, which is gorgeous.

Harmony DPNs in US 9

Interlocking Stitch markers

Cute little owl that is definitely going on my Christmas tree.  My tree is homemade/ folksy.

2 items from a local artist in Portland, OR, Lotion bar in Orange and Sage and solid perfume called Dragons Blood.  How fitting to the Harry Potter World.  The lotion bar is really awesome!

Ashley Hat pattern by Beth Gaiantino

Emerald Fingerless Mitts pattern - a black pepper design

I sincerely apologize if I have forgotten something!  I got many wonderful things and I thank you very much!

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