Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stress Knitting

It is sad when your knitting stresses you out. I want to make so many things that it drives me insane that it isn't not always possible.

For example, I have to knit Christmas presents. I don't HAVE to but I want to.

Another example, I want to add many many items to the County Fair this year.  I have 3 list going- Finished, To be finished, and To make.  It is a sad sight.

Fairy Hat (adult division)
St. Patty's Day Hat (child division)

And that is it. Unless I add my Zero scarf as a finished, which just might happen.

To be finished-
Bubble top
baby blanket (which I hope is big enough to count as afghan)
bathing suit (not sure if there is even a good catergory for it)
Weasley sweater (childs)
baby sweater

To make-
fingerless mitts
doll with removable clothing
legwarmer (they are being frogged)

Gosh, unless I start making some of these Christmas presents, there is no hope.

It just about makes me sick the fact all of this needs to be finished in a month. This is just the beginning of the list. 

I am going to have a short weekend because there is so much I want to do during my 3 days.


Anonymous said...

no no no! Don't stress! Knit what you wanna! Always what you wanna!

What you wanna! :)

Pandora said...

You know, I looked at the categories from last year and half of theses items will not fit. So, my to finish list is much smaller. I am going to make little things like a dish clothing and pot holder.