Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More thoughts on Christmas gifts

I have been plotting more seriously about Christmas.


I have been enlisting the help of Claire (Knit Unto Others yarn shop owner) and my mom to help me with ideas for my dad.

These are my options:
             -thick socks
             -stash moth

I don't really want to knit a vest.  I just do not see myself finishing it.


I asked Momma is she wants something useful or a sit around.  Her response, "I think I deserve both." Okay, so maybe she does. 

These are my options:
                  -selkie change purse
                  -string bean frog
                  -reading glasses hanging case


He is such a butt. I ask him what can I make him, "Nothing, I have everything." THEN, he comes up with this "brilliant" idea of me making him a gun cozy.  Poor baby's hand nearly freeze to his gun, but he won't wear gloves!!!! I wanted to make him a pair...nooooo...I don't wear gloves. I told him no way am I knitting a gun cozy.

So, there is still no advancement on ideas for him.


I am making her lady bug slipper out of Polar Fleece yarn rather than piggies.  I purchase pink yarn rather than purple.  I forgot that there wasn't enough purple.


Pandora said...

Idea, Idea!!! I think my daddy will be getting a photo album full of picutes of R with a knitted book jacket!

Pandora said...

My mom's frog has 2 legs and an arm so far. I am using some of my hand dyed yarn for this project.

calledtolove said...

I found you from google. Do you make the lady bug slippers to sell, and if so how much? I would love to buy some for christmas, please let me know as soon as you can, my email is angelnadine.f@gmail.com I am from Canada, would you ship there?