Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Catcher

FYI I am deleting the photographs.

Nineteenth Entry: Some of the participants of the Twilight Knitting Swap were wondering how to make dream catchers. It just happened to be that it was my hobby as a little girl.

Here is a go at a tutorial:

Dream Catchers

Possible supplies

-willow branches
-dental floss or sinew
-leather strips
-stones, charms, feathers, etc.
-metal craft ring
-glue, if metal ring used.

For willow-

1. If the willow branches are not green and pliable, soak them in water.

2. Make a ring and fasten it withe the string material you are using.

3. Let ring dry for a few days.

Skip 1-3 for metal ring

For metal ring-

To keep the web from slipping, leather or yarn is wrapped around it.

4. Loop string around from the back of the ring to front. To form the loop, the string is on the left side. Pull string so there is no slack, but be careful not to snap string or willow.

5. Space out the loops so they are distributed proportionally to the size of your ring. Do this all the way around the ring.

6. Once you are back to the beginning, the last loop on that round forms and triangle. The "knots" are side by side. The next loop will be made in the middle of the first triangle made. This forms a line.

7. Repeat round like the first until web is the size you desire.

8. To finish, make a square knot at the last triangle on that round.

9. Last but not least, decorate with feathers, leather, stones, beads, charms, etc.

Maybe in combination with these instructions and these it will be pretty simple,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Magic Knits

Seventeenth Entry:  Here is my label for my dolls.  Nothing fancy, nice and simple.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am in the Twilight Knitting Swap!

Sixteenth Entry:  I got in to the Twilight Knitting Swap!  I had to make a sacrifice though, I had to join the Pack rather than the Coven.  It is okay as long as I get to participate.  I don't mind the color scheme for the Pack and I have ideas for the Coven-themed items.

I hope it is fun!