Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 3rd Blythe is in Route!

I just tracked my 3rd Blythe doll.  She was reciding in Missouri just one state above me and she is in route!  I have already named her, Fleur. Okay, okay, I will admit it.  I am naming them after Harry Potter characters- Penelope Clearwater, Ginny Weasley, and Fleur Delacour.  It is more of just inspiration, not really after the characters themselves and I dropped the last names.

If I ever get Simply Guava, which will be my last Blythe for the year, her name will be Nymphadora.  With pink hair I think it is fitting. I wished that I would have held off on my Simply Mango because now they can be order together with a discount at This is Blythe. 

I did just order some wigs.  This will be intersting.  They are cute and I hope they fit my Takara as well as Ashtond Drakes. I ordered 2 wigs and got one free, a wig cap, an outfit on sale and a re-ment (call me stupid, but I this means reproduction) Little Twin Stars charm set with free shipping.  This is officially the last I can spend on my Blythes, especially with Christmas just months away.  In fact, I am feeling a little guilty for spending the money. 

I plan to take some photos this weekend with the clothing that I have made for them.  I hope to write a few more patterns too.  I can visualize this shrug that I want to make but the yarn is not corporating or the lace or the needles....  I guess I may have to rethink it completely.  I also have a project idea still in the works.  It might be my first for sale pattern.  It will be useful for dolls or needles....what a combination!

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