Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm ready, I'm ready

I received my horse pattern yesterday! (I found and bought a pattern of a horse here: Hedgehog Lane) I am excited. I gave myself a day off of knitting last night. After making my niffler my figures were screaming for a break.

I really want to do the unsensible thing and start my centaur without knowing how to do the pattern. I am going to try to make the horse and then carry on. I guess I will make a unicorn first. THEN my centaur. I am going to make a pegusas also.

I emailed someone on ravelry about a week or so ago about her gryffin. It is fantastic, I want to make one so I asked her about her pattern. She doesn't really have a pattern, she is a freeform crocheter, but she is going to let me have here notes. I hope I can translate them into something knitted. I guess I need to learn to crochet.

I am pretty happy my weekend starts at 2pm. This week has drug on.

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Hermione Bagnold said...

Often knit and crochet are pretty interchangeable. I've only been knitting for one year, so there were many times that I adapted knitted patterns to crochet. Typically, a single crochet (sc) can be done as a single stitch in knit, though gague plays a huge factor. Just play around with it a bit. :) You're a clever witch, I'm sure you'll figure something out! :) (Love your creations, by the way!)