Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog

I spent Thursday-Saturday at my parents' house helping with my dad.  While I watched 3 Stooges with him I sewed/knit.  

I finished the scarf for my friend--yah, yah, yah, and my bag for HSKS7.  I am now waiting on the yarn I ordered.  I still need to purchase needles and a few other odds and ends.  I have not been near a printer this week so I am going to print the patterns and my double knit bookmark for HLBOE tomorrow.  

Big news in our household---my baby is starting preschool tomorrow.  I got the call on Thursday informing me that she got into the University's children's center.   Some people fill out an application at birth, stupid me put it off until last spring.  All is good she got in!  

Happy Blogging!

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Emma Gorodok said...

I've tagged you on my blog for something fun