Sunday, February 8, 2009


I sent my package for HLBOE swap on Friday and I started on my HSKS7 swap bag on Friday also.  I have the fabric purchase and everything.  Once I get the base made I am ready to start on the rest of the bag.  I am pretty excited, it is a really nice design of a bag.  The artist who made it was very creative.

I put a gadget bag on my wish list in the shape of a camera.  Of course, the nerd in me tries to think of ideas to make it "Harry Potter-ish".   When you think of camera and Harry Potter, first thing that comes to mind is Colin Creevy.  I purchased a camera (I collect cameras along with Harry Potter stuff, sewing machines, books, glass things.....on and on.) at an estate sell with a bunch of junk for 10 bucks.  One day I was watching COS and noticed the camera used as a prop was an Argus....the same camera I have!  So to get to the point, I thought about designing a bag like the Argus.  

Ladida...I have new photos on my flickr badge.  Today was picture day I guess.


AshAsh said...

A gadget bag in the shape that is camera shaped? So, are you looking for something to cary your camera in? Hmm... that might be a bit beyond my capabilities at this point, but I'm more than willing to learn something new (I am a Ravenclaw after all). So, just let me know!

P.S. I hope your dad's knee surgery went well! :)

Pandora said...

Thanks, my dad's surgery went pretty good. I think he is loopy from the morphine right now!

You are more than welcome to try!