Monday, February 23, 2009

Creating Magical Creatures

I am at work with a baby sweater I am to make for my LYS and something is wrong. I have search through ravelry and it does not appear that anyone else had a problem. Grr...I think I am going to have to email someone to find the source of my error. First I would like some idea of the problem though.

Now to the title of this blog entry. I want to make a niffler, hippogryph, and a crup. The crup is the jack russell terrier one. Ther niffler will a possibility. Hippogryph probably never happen, and crup, I guess I will have to create my own jack russell pattern. I don't really want to, but oh well. I think I am going to start on the niffler tonight. Hopefully anyways!

I also want to eventually work on my camera purse bag thing. I mise well get started at least planning while I have all of my request finished except for the baby sweater.

Off to think about the niffler! And listen to OOP. And type Civil War letters.

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