Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lost Tapes

It is a new week for the HSKS7 and HLBOE swaps, so here is my post.  

I have been watching Lost Tapes on the Animal Planet today.  It has been fantastic, I love these kind of shows!  Right now it is on the megaconda! (Now thunderbird) I may even knit a Owlman. 

I am in the search of a Jack Russell terrier knitting pattern.  I have found several crochet patterns.  I haven't gone back to find the name of the creature, but I am listening to OOP at work and there is a creature that is similar to a Jack Russell terrier except for it has a forked tail.  I thought that it would be cool if I made one.  

Updates on Swaps:  

HLBOE-  I have to finish a bookmark.  Slow going because it is small thread.

HSKS7-  I am completely finished with my package.  I am just waiting for the bonus dates.  

Update on Projects:

Baby sweater-  Back is finished.  I have a hang up on the front.  I started the purl line pattern and I found that something is off and I am not sure what yet.  

Harry doll-  I made a Harry Potter head sometime ago and now I am giving him a body.

Mandrake-  I finished my mandrake awhile ago, but now I am going to work on writing the pattern.  I never really write my patterns out, I do everything from memory.  I think to make sure that it is understandable I am going to have to make another mandrake.  

I guess I need to get back to working on Harry.

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