Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Knee

Yesterday, I went to see my dad in the hospital.  He appears to be doing well, not much pain yet.  The PT said today will be the worst with pain.  He was supposed to come home today but now it is tomorrow because he is doing some kind of test drug.  My poor mom is about to go crazy.  I understand, immediately I walked in and I got a headache from the smell.  She has been on the verge of a migraine for 3 days.  It is a private hospital and I think it smells worse than any other hospital I have ever been in....I think they are doing the best to keep from getting staph.

Hopefully everything will go well today and he will be home tomorrow.  

On a lighter note---

I finished the base of my bag for my HSKS7 partner.  I even blocked it, something that I hate doing.  Now I have to go to my sewing machine* to work on the rest, it is at my parents' house.  It is too darn heavy  to move it several times, plus I don't have a spot for it right now.  Back to the bag, I am hoping I have enough fabric for it because I really don't want to buy more.....  I think I have most everything purchased for my partner.  I lack the needles and a few extras.  I feel a little like and an over-achiever to be almost done.  I guess with this time off for my dad I haven't had much else to do but knit.  

Now I have to finish my friend's scarf.  I have the hat done...but he didn't want it until the scarf is finished.  I worked on it in the hospital and Chick- Fil- A yesterday.    

I got my charity stuff in...I was glad to have it in and off my chest.  I donated 2 snitches, a doll, and a kitty.  I wish I could have did more, maybe next time.

Off to work on that scarf!

*My mom bought it for me at an estate sell for 40 or 50 bucks.  It is a Singer that is incased in wood supposedly it was mobil but it is HEAVY.  I am sure it is more mobil that a insert.  The date on it is 1951 and does not look like it has ever been used.  It is beautiful!  I received it for Christmas.  I will take a photo of it tomorrow.


CentyB said...

Sorry to hear about your dad... and Wow! on getting your bag done already.

Pandora said...

Thank you, everything is actually going very well with his knee. I officially finished my bag on Thursday. I think it looks pretty good! I will have up on my project page soon.