Monday, August 24, 2009

Cosmic Creepers

Nothing really fabulous happened this weekend.

I made two more chihuahuas (I will have to post a photo later!).

I bought a Rebecca Danger's new pattern- it's a kitty! I haven't started yet, but it has a name, Cosmic Creepers. I watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks yesterday afternoon and it inspired the name.

As far as I know neither my woodcarving tool or my new Denise cables came in... :( . I am hoping today for both.

HSKS 8 Summer Camp is ending sometime this week. It was a lot of fun! I am really looking forward to HSKS 9 Quidditch Through the Ages!!! I am not sure how it will be set up this time but I am ready for it! I made sure that financially I can handle it. I would be in HLBOE 2, Reducio, and HSKS 9 at the same time. The good news is that I have already purchased HLBOE stuff and by the time HSKS 9 starts, I should be about finished with Reducio.

I actually need to send HLBOE soon. I am finished with everything but the thumbs of my gloves. Hopefully I can do that tonight or tomorrow.

On Reducio, I have to plan out my package. I have one item purchased. Obviously I have to wait on my partner info to make the sock. I am a bit disheartened about the other mini item I was making. It so far, has not worked. I am going to try a bit more before I trash the idea completely.

I am happy, in a way. I am going to be off of work all next week except for Wednesday (pre-planned workshop :( ). My daddy is getting his second knee replaced so in effect, I will be off with R. It is good, but bad. I know he is going to miserable for awhile. But good because in a short period of time he will be walking virtually pain free! His "non-operated" knee has worsened since the replacement of the other.

Well, I am heading to knit...YEA.

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