Monday, August 17, 2009

Damn Dog

I have had Tico since June 2008 and he had never once chewed up anthing until this weekend!!! I caught him with a toy frog and R caught him with a crayon yesterday. Today, I found one of my Denise Interchangeables chewed up! He just cost me 32.98!!! I had to replace the WHOLE set of extensions because of 2 pieces. GRRRR..... It was only 19 something, but since I am paying shipping I bought a continuous 40 inches to do magic loop. The connector piece seems to get caught on the yarn.

I am going tonight and buying him some long, skinny rawhides. He seems to be what he likes to attack. I thought about finding a squirrel plushy too.

I guess this is payback for getting him neutered. GRRRRR.......


Dragonsinger said...

Apparently he googled 'fixed' and found out one of its meanings LOL

Yes though, it could very well be.

Pandora said...

Pisses me off. I just went and bought him some toys/treats. I did find something he has quite enjoyed.