Sunday, August 16, 2009

HSKS8, Barbies, Ravelry, Hats, Mulan, Dogs and Turtles

I am excited to get my HSKS8 package soon. I am hoping it comes this week!

I have a almost clean house other than barbies everywhere. I so regret buying them. R doesn't even really play with them. She leaves them naked and throws them on the floor. So, our floor has naked women all of it. I am going to hide them.

I have updated a lot on my Ravelry this weekend. I had projects finished that I just hadn't photographed. I am starting on the 2 hats I have to get done by November. I have the 3 mostly finished.

Then on to a Hufflepuff scarf and a Rasta Hat. I think I will do those at the same time. I know I will get bored with the scarf.

I bought Mulan for R, I wasn't too impressed. I have a friends that told me that it basis of he story is pretty much a traditional Chinese story. I think that is really cool. They were weirded out that they had American accents and American dating ideals.

I want to make some Danger Craft-style dogs to sell, but I don't know if I can find the time. I was thinking about selling them and donating a portion to my local humane society. First I need to talk to Mrs. Danger about it.

I had to let my turtle I found go because I couldn't get him to eat. It is sad not hearing his shell click on my floor.

I guess that is it. I have to get to cracking on something.

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