Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Never ending list

I always have list of "things to do" and it seems like I never get those things done.

So, here a is a new one-

1. finish my Cosmic Creepers (ran out of yarn, NAUGHTY WORD)
2. make R hunting hat (get vibrant orange color yarn)
3. start my new hood (frogging the other, anyone want over a thousand yards of Llamma Silk?)

Old list-

1. finish mitts for HLBOE (thumbs)
2. cat for Joyce
3. 2 hats for Heidi
4. start Hufflepuff scarf
5. rasta hat for Calvin


Kavelizard said...

Thousand yards? Sounds like fingering weight.

Nice list though.

Pandora said...

No, it is worsted. I bought it on clearance. I love the bargain racks/bins.

Kavelizard said...

Bargain racks are the bomb!sulax