Monday, August 31, 2009

Snowglobes, Denise, Chihuahuas and Finger Prints

Look at what I found today! I found these snowglobes at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks!

I just realized there was supposed to be a Ron one too. Damn.

I had a severe disappointment today- Michael's sucks. Their yarn selection was horrible. I am glad I have other options.

Good news, I finally got my Denise cable replacements in the mail. I ordered some chihuahua charms on Etsy (one for me and one for R) and they came today too! They are so tiny and cute! I am going to find a paw or disk to get Tico's name engraved for my charm bracelet. I have been trying to start R a bracelet too.

Have you ever thought about the fact that every time you ship a package and use packaging tape that you are giving that person your finger prints. Hmm...just a thought.


Kavelizard said...

I saw those last Christmas in a Toy store in the mall. I wanted to get one but it was $20. I can see paying $10.
My Micheals is much better now with yarn but nothing like my LYS. Which I get to go to tomorrow.

Fingerprints are just scary. Same with glasses at resturants.

Pandora said...

I couldn't believe that I found them! I was too excited. Last year I found a whole set of Dept 56 Harry Potter character boxes at Fred's for a dollar each! I could not believe it, I went ape. They predate the movie.

I agree, it is hard to beat my LYS. Michael's did have some really cute Halloween stuff.

Good point. They could get my DNA. I think I have been watching too many Forensic File shows.