Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas and Fair

Yes, it is that time again already.


I have just geared up, or panicked rather, my Christmas knitting.  It is nearly August and I don't have even one gift finished. BAH!

Here is the line up:

Momma- socks
Ronda- socks, + an extra ?
Rick- ?
Daddy- 30 bottles of wine, in the make right now
Brent- neckwarmer
Joe- duck?
R- Weasely sweater?

My mom's socks are about 45% finished.  The easiest project so far has been the wine because Joe did it.

Joe expressed interest in a knitted duck.  Now, I have to decide if I want to wing it (no pun intended) or buy the pattern.  I think I will embellish it with needle felting.  Why did I just start needle felting? It is wonderful! Maybe I will put a zipper in the duck so it can be a money-stasher or something.


Last year I busted my rear for the fair.  This year I am going to finish the projects I am on and if they fit into the categories great, if not oh well.

Potential projects-

Fawkes Socks
R's socks
Snakes cabled sweater
R's sweater
Stag bag
Kellylnch blanket

I might come up with some others.  I thought about knitting a hat or something in addition to these.  Overall this is it.  I am more worried about Christmas.

In addition to these items I am stash busting.  I just finished off some yarn that has been hanging around the house and in the process of getting rid of some more.  It is Plymouth DreamBaby DK.  I bought it on super sale at LYS about 2 years ago.  I had about 7 skeins of it.  I am now down to 2! Which is going to be used for R's birthday cardigan!

Here is some of the yarn:

The eyelet pattern is from Some Cloudy Day Legwarmers that I adapted into R some pants.

R just got finished with a pb & j sandwich...

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