Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I dread tomorrow.  R is having major dental surgery.  Poor kid has inherited bad teeth.  I feel very sad that she is going to have a mouth full of silver teeth.  :(

This weekend is supposed to be a soccer tournament.  I am unsure if R is going to play.  I have no idea how she is going to feel after tomorrow.  I am expecting to stay home with her on Thursday.

Tonight we are eating pizza and staying up really late (but no food or water past 12 am).  Hopefully, she will sleep until just before we leave for the hospital.

Speaking about soccer-
Last weekend's soccer game went extremely well. R got into the fray and kicked the ball.  She did some fancy footwork even. I am pretty impressed with her progress.

One week our coaches (who are college girl soccer players) were traveling for their own games and the practice coach was a college boy soccer player.  He did an amazing job with drills and such.  The kids really listened to him.  Majority of the kids on the team cannot seem to listen to the girls.

Well, ho hum.  That is all I can dredge up today.

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