Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sock bits

So, I was under the impression that I would have millions of little sock yarn leftovers once I started knitting socks.  Hmm...where am I going wrong?

I hate buying full skeins yarn for Blythe clothing.  I have the yarn forever and I get sick of it.  Sometime it is super satisfying finished up all of that yarn, well, unless you are running short.

I, so far, have only had one nice Blythe-size leftover.  All my others are still too much to use for doll clothing. Maybe practice makes perfect.  That means knit more socks.

Ariana socks are on hold.  The twisted stitches are too much for me to think about right now.  I have moved on to my custom knee socks in self striping yarn.  I am almost finished with the first sock.  Very little yarn will be left. :(


Anne said...

Hee, I have the opposite problem - I buy sock yarn just to make Blythe stuff with it and I have plenty of yarn, but never have enough time to make all the things I want to! It does amaze me that even with what looks like the smallest scrap of yarn, I always end up with some left over, though.

Pandora said...

I know! I am always surprised at how little some Blythe sweaters take. Hats are another matter.

I just hate buying those big skeins and then only use 15-25 yards of it. You seem to really make multiples of the same sweater better than I do.

Anne said...

Heh, yeah, I think it depends on the sweater and how it goes. There are some I've made that I wouldn't want to make again, but others are so easy that they are fun to repeat. :)

Pandora said...

I can see that. I just get bored too easy. I am always wanting to move on to the next idea.

I am hoping that knitting socks will build up to Blythe knitting eventually.