Monday, December 12, 2011

What new?

I have been trying to think up a new blog topic.  I am drawing a blank.

I can update on my Christmas list.

I am practically finished. Everything is made.  Only a few things are left to do.  The largest task at hand is bottling the wine and designing labels for it!

I cranked out a fleece kitty scarf for R after I took her to school on Friday. I am sure it will be well received and may restore her love for me.  She has firmly decided I am mean.  Not sure why except I make her get out of bed to go to school.  Crying ever morning really grates on my nerves.

Sorry, back to the list. I think I finished sewing on closures to her doll clothing.  Her new Blythe doll is finished.  All she lacks is clothing and her scalp attached.  Sounds gruesome.

Everyone else is finished!

All of my current commissions are finished! Yay! No more guilt for working on my own stuff!

Right now I have several projects going on in the sewing and knitting front.

I am still working on the Red Hood from Jane Austen Knits.

I just finished a Capelet using Universal Yarns Mohair Mountain. Fun yarn, but I suggest not pulling yarn from the center pull.  I had some terrible spots where the yarn stuck together with fuzz.  I splurged and used Jul leather buttons! Completely worth it!

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