Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rowan Yarn

Last week R, Joe and I took a small vacation to Eureka Springs, AR.  I finally found the yarn shop there! It only took a year.

The shop had Rowan yarn.  Not a lot but some.  Turns out it was all yarn that has been discontinued.  I purchased 2 skeins of Rowan Plaid yarn in browns.  It is a chunky weight and it 218 yards for the two skeins.  Gah, what to do with it?  Why did I buy brown?  I don't even like brown.  Well, I bought it because it is Rowan and what is my child's name, Rowan.

More about naming Rowan later.

Okay, so back to the point, I don't like brown.  I don't wear brown.  Tans blend too much into my skin tone when I have a tan and right now I have a deep tan (deep for me).

I have decided to make birthday presents for Joe and Rowan.  Joe has plans to get Rowan on a deer stand pretty often this year.  I am going to make them neck warmers or hats.  I will probably make R a neck warmer since I think the more orange the better and Joe a hat.  The hat he can wear for duck hunting too.

Yay! That will use up the yarn and provide presents.

I am terrible.  I have not been working on my Christmas knitting.  I have been hexipuffin' it instead.  Here some photos:

I have 2 blankets going- HUGE hexipuff blanket with "dish" cotton and the normal sock weight blanket.

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