Saturday, January 31, 2009

History of Magic Essay No. 1

Hogwarts House Symbols and their Meaning Essay

By Pandora Phelps

Hogwarts House symbols were created by the founders of the school.  The founders were:  Godric Gryffidor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw.  The houses were name after the founding women and men.  The house symbols are all contain two colors and an animal symbol.  

The students are placed in the houses by Gryffindor's brilliant design of a hat that can make the unbiased decision of one's character.  At the first of the fall term feast is when the selection is made.

The scarlet and gold Gryffindors are picked for their bravery and chilivaly.  The lion is the animal symbol.  The lion was chosen by the founder because it represents strength, courage, wisdom, and justice. In muggle history Richard 1 was given the name Lionheart for his bravery and even though wizard written history does not state this, maybe Gryffindor was known as a "lion," also.  Gryffindors are by far the bravest and sometimes rule breakers!
The power hungry Slytherins have a serpent as the symbol.  Slytherin prided in being a pure blood wizard and he had the ability to talk to snakes.  The symbol was his personal symbol of pure blood.  The color are green and silver.  Students that have cunning and ambition are likely to be sorted into this house.
Hufflepuff does not turn down a student who values hard work, friendship, loyalty, and who is non-judgmental.  Hufflepuffs are corresponds with the earth hence the badger.  However, there is no other evidence that was why the badger was chosen.  Yellow and black are worn proudly on their chest.  

  Ravenclaws are measure by the intelligence and cleverness.  The raven is the animal symbol and the colors are blue and bronze.  The raven is a very intelligent bird which makes it a very fit animal for this house!  The raven symbolizes the constructive principles of mind and memory.  *My grandfather was saved by the cousin of the raven- the crow.  He raised a baby crow to adulthood and it became a pet.  One day the crow saved my grandfather from rattlesnake by cawing and circle around his head to prevent him from going further up the path.*

In-conclusion, the house of Hogwarts is a home away from home.  Student placed together incourage to bring the best or the worst of each other.

*True Story

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