Thursday, January 8, 2009

Magical Creatures Owl Essay

Perry the Baby Owl

My owl is a baby Eastern Screech Owl that is native to the Missouri area of the United States. He is naturally picking up the habits of an owl, but he started developing interest in delivering newspapers to the local muggles. This scared muggles, of course, so he was re-located to a more nonhuman habitat. This is where he found my family and we started to train he properly to be a magical companion. Soon he will be going to Hogwarts with me and delivering all of my goodies!

by Pandora Phelps

Gryffindor House

For Hogwart Headmistress

Care of Magical Creatures

8 January 2009

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Pren said...

go gryff go! he came out sooooo cute!