Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drunk and Pissed

I am a bit tipsy and pissed off at my brother's so called girlfriend.  I can do all this because no one knows who I am.   I think she is too worried about herself and not enough about how she is treating my little brother.  Maybe I am just being a big sister, but seeing him upset like I did tonight just pisses me off.  She aught to be glad that I don't know her phone number and that I am probably not seeing her for sometime!!!

Sorry to whomever reads....I just needed to vent.


Pren said...

i feel ya. my lil sis had some BF that were like that and i wanted to nancy caragan their asses. but my lil bro has the bestest fiance ever! love her. good thing for her cause i could totally take her if she was mean to him hahahaha

Pandora said...

Yeah, I was pretty angry. I am still mad, but she finally decided to break it off, via text message. I broke up with people face to face after I turned 15 and this girl is 21. I keep hoping for a nice girl!