Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I took on a project for a student that randomly saw me knitting on the REF Desk. She wanted gloves and a scarf. First thing, I have never made gloves. What she saw me working on was fingerless mittens. I am told her that it will be probably mittens. I am combinding two patterns to make fingerless with removable mittens. The scarf, I haven't even started on. I spent a little too much time with the gloves. I did have a long weekend, but I had other obligations.

I am not really complaining, because it has been kind of fun. BUT, I am now stressing because she wants them by tomorrow (Wednesday). I have always felt that people who are not artist or even knitters, have no idea how time consuming it is!

My goal is to have the gloves finished and most of the scarf done.

After I finish this project, I am going to work on the hood I am making myself. Sigh...I have put it off because of the gloves and scarf. That is life.

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