Saturday, January 31, 2009

History of Magic Essay No. 1

Hogwarts House Symbols and their Meaning Essay

By Pandora Phelps

Hogwarts House symbols were created by the founders of the school.  The founders were:  Godric Gryffidor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw.  The houses were name after the founding women and men.  The house symbols are all contain two colors and an animal symbol.  

The students are placed in the houses by Gryffindor's brilliant design of a hat that can make the unbiased decision of one's character.  At the first of the fall term feast is when the selection is made.

The scarlet and gold Gryffindors are picked for their bravery and chilivaly.  The lion is the animal symbol.  The lion was chosen by the founder because it represents strength, courage, wisdom, and justice. In muggle history Richard 1 was given the name Lionheart for his bravery and even though wizard written history does not state this, maybe Gryffindor was known as a "lion," also.  Gryffindors are by far the bravest and sometimes rule breakers!
The power hungry Slytherins have a serpent as the symbol.  Slytherin prided in being a pure blood wizard and he had the ability to talk to snakes.  The symbol was his personal symbol of pure blood.  The color are green and silver.  Students that have cunning and ambition are likely to be sorted into this house.
Hufflepuff does not turn down a student who values hard work, friendship, loyalty, and who is non-judgmental.  Hufflepuffs are corresponds with the earth hence the badger.  However, there is no other evidence that was why the badger was chosen.  Yellow and black are worn proudly on their chest.  

  Ravenclaws are measure by the intelligence and cleverness.  The raven is the animal symbol and the colors are blue and bronze.  The raven is a very intelligent bird which makes it a very fit animal for this house!  The raven symbolizes the constructive principles of mind and memory.  *My grandfather was saved by the cousin of the raven- the crow.  He raised a baby crow to adulthood and it became a pet.  One day the crow saved my grandfather from rattlesnake by cawing and circle around his head to prevent him from going further up the path.*

In-conclusion, the house of Hogwarts is a home away from home.  Student placed together incourage to bring the best or the worst of each other.

*True Story

Friday, January 30, 2009

Divination Scarf

Pandora Phelps
Due on 2 February 2009

Er, doesn't everyone need a scarf to get in touch with their inner eye?

Tea Reading No. 1

My client, I will refer to her as "The Faerie Princess," knocked on my door at 11 p.m. on Friday the 30th of January.  She told me she wanted a quick tea reading before witching hour.  I quickly put the kettle on the stove and placed the tea in the cup.  I had my ever ready incense burning to cover my liberal use of garlic in my cooking.  I had my knitted scarf on that I always wear during a tea reading to set the mystic atmosphere.

In haste she drank the tea down.

I swirled the cup.

Her leaves were in the shape of the artwork of the lesser publicized painting of Andy Warhol. How I translated the reading was she should invest in the artwork that is for sale.  

Pandora Phelps
Due 7 February 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hat for S.P.E.W.

I misunderstood about that S.P.E.W. was adults only this term, so I made a new hat.

Pandora Phelps

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hat for S.P.E.W.

Hat for S.P.E.W.
Pandora Phelps

Potions Quiz 1

Due Date: February 7 
Points: 15 for the regular quiz and 5 for the extra credit (20 total)

Regular Questions:1. Name the two known Potions professors at Hogwarts during the books. Include which book(s) each of them were professors during. (1) 

Professor Snape and Professor Slughorn

2. Name the five pieces of equipment that a student of Potions is expected to have. (1) 

cauldron, brass scales, crystal phials, Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger, Advance Potions Making by Libatius Borage  

3. Give me the name and the person who invented the potion that is used as a remedy for the common cold. (1) 

Glover Hipworth invented the Pepper Up Potion which can be used as the remedy.

4. What does the Polyjuice potion do? Name at least four of the ingredients. Tell me at least two of the characters who used this potion in the books and tell me what it did to them. (2) 

boomslang skin, knotgrass, leeches, lacewing flies. 

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley used the polyjuice potion to become Slytherin students Crabbe and Goyle. Their external features changed to replicate Crabbe and Goyle.

5. What is a bezoar and what is it used for? (1)  

Bezoar is a kidney-like 'stone' that is found in the stomach of a goat.  It is used as an antidote for most poisons.

6. Tell me what the Amorentia potion is. What would yours smell like? (1) 

Amorentia is a love potion, it makes the vitctum have love-like symptons. It smells different to everyone.

7. Name three Potions ingredients that can be found in the Muggle world. What are each of these items used for in each situation? How to Muggles and Wizards use these things differently? (2) 

Lacewing flies are used in muggle insect collections.  Wizards use it as an ingredient in potions, such as Polyjuice Potion.
Moonstones are a semi-precious stone that muggles use a jewelry.  Wizard use ground Moon Stone in Draught of the Living Dead to induce sleep. 
Mandrake roots are brewed to make a restorative potion to awake people who have been petrified.  Muggles would place a mandrake root underneath the bed to ensure conception. However, all parts of the mandrake are poisonous!

8. What is your favorite Potion and why? (1) 

My favorite potion is the Pepper Up Potion because it counter acts the sniffles quite quick.  It helps toddlers sleep through the night when they have colds.

9. There are at least two Potions which are mentioned as being illegal to the students at Hogwarts, but they get used in the series. Which two are these and what do they do? (2)

Polyjuice Potion- changes the drinker physically into another person by added a bit of them to the potion before drinking it.  

Amorentia- is a potion that simulates love-like feelings in the victim.  

10. Name the three ingredients in the Draught of the Living Death. In what year do the Hogwarts students brew this potion? (2)

Sopophorus bean, wormwood, valerian root.

The students learn this potion for N.E.W.T. levels in the 6th year.

11. We all know that Remus Lupin is a werewolf. During his time teaching at Hogwarts, Snape makes him the wolfsbane potion to counteract some of these nasty effects. There is one ingredient which Lupin says will render the effects useless. What is this ingredient and why is it important? (1)  

The wolfsbane potion is horrible tasting and Lupin told Harry after Professor Snape delivered it to his office that it was unfortunate that SUGAR would render the potion useless.

Extra Credit

There are many mentions of Potions in various Muggle books. Name at least one reference to any well-known Muggle book (either one that does not have anything to do with magic or one that has a very archaic view of it, so DO NOT give me a fantasy novel). What is this Potion used for? By whom? How do Muggle views of Potions differ from our own? Is there an ingredients list to this particular Potion? If so, what items are necessary to make it? Are there any Potions that exist in the wizarding world that have similar effects? If so, which one(s)? I want at least five decent sentences. (5)

I really want these five points, but I am drawing a complete blank.

This is really not the assignment, but I thought I would include it.   I use a mint tea like a potion.  It is calming and warm.  When I cannot sleep or I am sick, the menthol in the mint soothes me and opens up my sinus cavities.  I brew this by use a tea kettle to boil my water and dried mint leaves to make my potion.  I would compare this potion to the Pepper Up Potion.  It gives relief to the common cold.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ballycastle Bats Pouch for Flying

Ballycastle Bats Pouch for Flying

Pandora Phelps
Due Date 2 February 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend List

I have lots of things I have to do this weekend and I thought I would make a list.

1. finish scarf and gloves
2. work on dolls and kitties for Valentine Project
3. make snitch bag for flying
4. work on divination assignment
5. clean house..hahaha!
6. work on my hood if everything else in near completion

Doesn't seem like much, but it feels like a lot.

Off to do something constructive.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I took on a project for a student that randomly saw me knitting on the REF Desk. She wanted gloves and a scarf. First thing, I have never made gloves. What she saw me working on was fingerless mittens. I am told her that it will be probably mittens. I am combinding two patterns to make fingerless with removable mittens. The scarf, I haven't even started on. I spent a little too much time with the gloves. I did have a long weekend, but I had other obligations.

I am not really complaining, because it has been kind of fun. BUT, I am now stressing because she wants them by tomorrow (Wednesday). I have always felt that people who are not artist or even knitters, have no idea how time consuming it is!

My goal is to have the gloves finished and most of the scarf done.

After I finish this project, I am going to work on the hood I am making myself. Sigh...I have put it off because of the gloves and scarf. That is life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arithmacy Assignment #1

Practical Reasons for Arithmacy in Hogwarts

by Pandora Phelps-Gryffindor

Arithmacy is a useful tool for anyone who wants knowledge of the future or understand the a person on the inside.  This is practice is a nice base knowledge for all witches and wizards.  It has been practiced by ancient Greeks and proved accurate enough to satisfy the curiosity of the unknown.  All Hogwarts students should be required to learn the basics of arithmacy.  It could be useful in career placement, love matches, and general future predictions.  Unfortunately, students have a choice of this useful practice and others and most people find arithmacy to be tedious and time consuming.

Pandora Phelps
7154691  785371=64=10=1 Character

1 - This is the number of the individual, the solitary unit. Ones are independent, focused, and determined. They set a goal and stick to it. They are leaders and inventors. Ones find it difficult to work with others and don't like to take orders. They can be self-centered, egotistical, and domineering. They are often loners.

1615=12=3 Heart

3 - Three represents the idea of completeness or wholeness, as in the threesomes past-present-future and mind-body-spirit. Three indicates talent, energy, an artistic nature, humor, and social ease. Threes are often lucky, easygoing, and highly successful, but they can also be unfocused, easily offended, and superficial.

754978371=51=6 Social

6 - Six represents harmony, friendship, and family life. Sixes are loyal, reliable, and loving. They adapt easily. They do well in teaching and the arts, but are often unsuccessful in business. They are sometimes prone to gossip and complacency.

Disclaimer these numbers are for my alias.

Snitch for Flying

Snitch for Flying

Pandora Phelps
Due date 19 Monday 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drunk and Pissed

I am a bit tipsy and pissed off at my brother's so called girlfriend.  I can do all this because no one knows who I am.   I think she is too worried about herself and not enough about how she is treating my little brother.  Maybe I am just being a big sister, but seeing him upset like I did tonight just pisses me off.  She aught to be glad that I don't know her phone number and that I am probably not seeing her for sometime!!!

Sorry to whomever reads....I just needed to vent.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cat for Magical Creatures

Cat for Magical Creatures
Pandora Phelps
Due 26 January 2009
Finished 13 January 2009

Fingerless Gloves for Potions

Fingerless Gloves for Potions

Pandora Phelps


Due 24 January 2009

Finished 13 January 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009


So, it is Monday. I guess for a Monday the day is moving pretty quickly. It is surprisingly going okay even though I have cut out everything but water for health reasons. Hopefully, I can start drinking coffee again soon. I was an absolute slug this weekend without it.

HLBOE swap (I am still not sure if that is right), I finished the hat part that is to be included into my package. I have not started on the embellishment yet. I am supposed to be working on some mitts for Potions. Not going too hot. I really just need to sit down and do it. I think I am going to start over, the yarn I am using is just not in a manageable size. I am supposed to be working REF Desk this semester so that will help with time management on my knitting. I actually need to start studying for the GRE.

One day I soon I will start reviewing my math. Yuck!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ghost Quiz #1

OK A little Ghostly quiz!! Could be worth some points ;)

How many ghosts were there in the Harry Potter series and name them.

Good Luck

Bloody Baron, the Grey Lady, Sir Nicholas, the Fat Friar, Moaning Myrtle, Professor Binns, and the ghost guest at Sir Nicholas's death day party.

Not really a ghost, but Peeves the Poltergeist.  

Pandora Phelps


I have started on my swap partners hat!  I am really excited to see how it comes out.  I really aught to be working on my Potions gloves, but I got a new book and wanted to make a hat out of it.  It calls for 3 needle sizes,  good thing I got a Denise needle set for Christmas from my hubby.   I think I might have topped out my budget on yarn for the hat, oh well.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slippers for Ruins

Slippers for Ruins
For Professor Kaae
Due Date-  15 February 2009
Finish Date-  8 January 2009

Magical Creatures Owl Essay

Perry the Baby Owl

My owl is a baby Eastern Screech Owl that is native to the Missouri area of the United States. He is naturally picking up the habits of an owl, but he started developing interest in delivering newspapers to the local muggles. This scared muggles, of course, so he was re-located to a more nonhuman habitat. This is where he found my family and we started to train he properly to be a magical companion. Soon he will be going to Hogwarts with me and delivering all of my goodies!

by Pandora Phelps

Gryffindor House

For Hogwart Headmistress

Care of Magical Creatures

8 January 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Assignments

I am trying to keep up with as many Hogwarts assignments that is witchly possible! I have one due on Saturday for Magical Creatures. I need to knit up an owl tonight. Hopefully it will not take too long. I feel like I am cheating though, I am using someone elses pattern and not making my own. I did promise R an owl so this actually works out nicely.

I should start working on my next assignment due which is finger-less gloves for Potions. It is due on January 24th, but I am over 50% finished with my third assignment which is slippers for Ruins. I have promised these to R also. Since she knows that these are in the making a should actually risk not getting my owl done and finish the slippers. She is a very literal little elf. You can't promise something and hope that she forgets it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have been out of sorts since Christmas.  I am in a new swap called, well, I honestly can't remember.  I know it is about Hogwarts.  I will have to elaborate later!  Sick kid and loopy husband....sore tooth.