Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Pressies are Finished!

Whew...I am wraping up my Christmas knitting.  I have two hats and a pair of fingerless gloves to finish and that is it!  I have never made Christmas presents before and it is a bit satisfying. 

I wanted to purchase a spinning wheel, but I have been advised to try a drop spindle first. I had one that I purchased at the Arkansas Ozark Folk Center and I lost it.  I have not seen it since I purchased it.  I am afraid it was thrown away in the move.  I think I am going to purchase it all after Christmas.  I think I want to work on m knitted hood during the holiday. 

I started one in llama/cotton and I got so off of the pattern I frogged it.  I am started the same itch as with wool so I am starting it over in cotton.  I am leaving the bobbles off this time.

This week Reducio and Quidditch (HSKS 9) ends.  I am taking a break after the new year.  I will be in HLBOE and maybe a Reducio or 2, but for the most part, I am taking some time off. 

Here is my current run down of my Christmas List-

Joe- humping deer hat/waiters/seat covers/mitts/duck/id thing/ear buds
Brent- humping deer hat/BS magnet
Rick- humpind deer hat/support beer magnet
Daddy- Democrat donkey/book
Momma- book finger thing/dove/owl spatula
Ronda- mitts/mini book
R- hat/4 doll outfits/doll/playmobils/robot/scarf

Megan- hat/monster keychain
Amber- hat/monster keychain/dog sweater
Leah- hat/monster keychain

2 hats for Dirty Santa

Whew.  I think I am close to finished!

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