Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Robe to mini robe

I was given a pink (I hate pink) robe for high school graduation about 8 years ago.  I used it all of the time when I received it but over the years I use it less.  For the past several years the robe has be hanging in the bathroom or, as of lately, getting washed about ten times because it ends up in the floor.

I finally was going to pass it on for yard sale or trash.  Instead, I reused the fabric.

Santa brought R an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll, as I mentioned before.  I purchased some clothing from Etsy and pulled from my old stash to cloth Goldie (R named her Goldie Locks).

Goldie has no jammies, so I bought some fabric for jammies and of course she needs a robe.  I made her a robe out of my old robe!  It is really cute!  I need to get a tie for it and then it is finished.  I am pretty proud of the end product.

I also made a Tinkerbell dress yesterday.  I bought Simplicity 5705 Disney Doll Dresses* on sale a Hobby Lobby before Christmas.  I only have the dress finished because I don't have the fabric for the wings.

I am working a knit doll sweater right now.  I hope to finish it today.

* I hate the term "Princess".

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