Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday Knit Fever!

Okay, so it is Monday night, but any who.  I went to my LYS today and had my hubby spend too much money.  It was over our Christmas budget for each other... YIKES.  I am going to make it up by helping to pay for some of his credit card balance.  Oh and I bought him the Hangover.  We have not watched it yet-  kid is awake.

I have been knitting miniature clothing items.  I have shrunk the Hermione hat pattern to fit a preemie and an 18 inch doll.  I also made tonight a shrunken version of the Republic for an 18 inch doll.  R is getting a Madame Alexander (it is vinyl) doll for Christmas on Friday.  I have been purchasing doll clothing from Etsy and trying to make some things for her.  I am so silly, I think I am going to buy myself one of the dolls.  Much cheaper than American Girl dolls (which I love and own 3), I really want one for myself so I don't always have to borrow R's to do sizing.  I think if I introduce her as mine, R will be okay with that.

I hope to have photos soon of my doll clothing!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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