Friday, December 11, 2009

Reducio- A Very Weasley Christmas

I feel so spoilt!  Violet Leveela (soon to be Vevina LeFey) sent me an abundance of Weasley-ness!

Here is what her owl delivered:

-not 1 but 2 owl bags!  (the green is for R and the brown for me!)
-Honeydukes was raided- 2 packets of pop rocks, 3 packets of twizzlers, a reindeer Pez, tootsie rolls, AND an assorted bag of chocolates!
-Yellow tape measure (I always loose mine)
-Circular row counter!
-hidden is a Gryffindor Weasley sweater (so soft and perfect!)
-a Rainbow stocking/sock
AND the coolest stitch markers!

I will have take better photos of the sweater, sock, and markers when I get my real camera.  I used my phone.

Thanks so much Violet!!!

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