Monday, November 30, 2009

Because I wasn't thinking...

I have a great idea for Reducio- A Very Weasley Christmas now that I already sent my package and he has received it.  I wish I would have made homemade Christmas Crackers. 

You know, of the greatest things about the second book (Chamber of Secrets) Christmas is that everyone sat at one table and had crackers.  Snape received a witch's hat with a vulture uncanny similar to Neville's bogart.  I can just imagine Mrs. Weasley making her own Christmas Crackers for her kids.  I could have knitted mini mice, mini bonnet, and added muggle sweets.

I am kicking myself in the rear end now.  At the time, I was pretty brain dead.  I did Harry's First Christmas which is not very Weasley other than his emerald green sweater. 


I think I shall make some for me because it is too good of an idea to waste.

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