Monday, September 28, 2009


the top pin is a Gryffindor Crest and second one says, "STOP VOLDEMORT"

I am so happy! My Reducio package came today! This was my first time to participate and I am so glad I did!

I came home today and it was waiting for me. First thing I recognized the box, I sent a RAOK to Rowan Dragonsinger in HLBOE. She resent the box and everything fit perfectly! I am so glad that the cute pumpkin bag was for my R because she snatched it first thing. (I may have to snatch it back....hehe...) She is always excited when I get a package!

Handmade items:
Gryffindor Mini sock
Sweet, green pygmy puff
Howarts hat
Tiny Hogwarts Express Ticket
Baby Snowy Owl
A Super Small Quibbler!
AND the Hogwarts Express itself!

Thanks so much Rowan!

NOW, I have to show off what I made and sent:

It is hard to tell from the glare but the package included:

Hogwarts trunk
mini pen and notebook
tape measure (never can have too many, plus this one is a magnet one!)
mini crochet hook
HBP trading cards
blood pops (not pictured)

AND here is the handmade items

Chocolate Cauldron Cake with candied sprinkles and topped with a pumpkin

Mini Hufflepuff Sock with charm with swap mate's name- FISH (it is a shrinky dink)


Kavelizard said...

Hey that's my cauldron cake. It was so yummy. You have to give me the recipe! ;)

Your little stuff is so cute!

Pandora said...

Ah thanks! I need to get crackin' and give everyone the cauldron recipe!