Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Friday

It has been an interesting week. You would think with me being off work for the most part that I would accomplish a lot. Well, not necessarily.

I went to a workshop Wednesday and came home really tired. I had a few beers to ease my nerves and R started throwing up. Turns out Joe interviewed the superintendent of school and they had to reschedule for a later time in the day. WELL, he rescheduled because his 5 year old was throwing up. GREAT. THANKS A LOT, you passed it to us. Wouldn't you think a superintendent would know better?

I had a touch of it yesterday, so I slept for the majority of it. Today, uh, appointments, appointments.

AND, R's school changed policy on shoes. Now we have to go and buy a new pair of tennis shoes. I bet we will have to pay full price too.

Okay, my bitch-fest is over.

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