Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweater Lust

So, I found a sweater pattern. Nothing uncommon, but this is the first time that I WANT that sweater. Problem is once I knit (or if I knit it more like it) is it going to look good on me. I think that is my issue with knitting sweaters. At least at the store I can try it on and decided one way or another- with making it myself I am stuck with it. Anywho, I love it.

Here is a link to all of the lovely photos of my future sweater.

I also lurve very much tiny owl knits's snake-a-licious sweater. Here is a photo of it on her blog:

I am taking the afternoon off of work. Yea. I really don't have a choice someone has to stay with R.

Something else I have been thinking of- I am ready for Halloween. I have decided R and I will decorate a certain section of the living room. We hung window clings of pumpkins. They are pretty cheesy but she likes them. I wanted to purchase some Halloween house things from Michaels, but gee they were 80 and 40 dollars. I said never mind. I am hoping I can find some for cheaper.

I haven't even started on our costumes. The thing that sucks the most is my cousin is getting married on Halloween. And, no, it will not be themed Halloween. It will be a formal wedding.

I am actually jealous that people are getting married in October. That is when I was hoping we would get married, instead it is March. March is no fun.

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