Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I hate weddings

I have said this many times, the only good thing about weddings is the food. Okay, great you want a fancy dancy wedding to show everyone what your parents are willing to spend to prove that you love a person- go for it. However, does that mean I have to come?

My 1st cousin is getting married on Halloween. I am pissed that it is on Halloween for # 1 and #2 it is a formalish wedding. I have shoes but no dress. I am really hoping for the swine flu. I think that is a good valid excuse not to go.

Why on earth would one have a wedding on Halloween that is not themed?? Uh, I am disgusted pretty much all the way around.

Dresses are a joke. There is nothing that I can afford or even like. I found one that was cute but they completely missed it on the design. In my head, I could have made it much cuter and flattering.

All I have to say is f....k!!!!!!!

Note to people- if you had a wedding and it was fancy or what not, don't be offended....I wasn't invited so I am fine with it.

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