Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Camp

Summer Camp starts today! I am in the Threstal Cabin with some really great people! My fellow mates are: Olive Bumblebirch, Cabin leader, Patonga Pinkstone, Prendolyn the Weird, Selena Starfire, Felly Pinkstone, Winifred Wartbobble, and Minerva Lovegood.

We are choosing our cabin colors right now!

I am ready to get started on researching for the workshops. I love getting new partners to create things for!

Non-camp info:

I did finally accomplish some knitting this weekend. I worked on finish a Cornish Pixie I had started awhile back. I am trying to fine tune my pattern for it. Jeez. I really need to do a lot more work on it! I am so glad I have not already published it.

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